Bill Hero features

We're a savings service, not a comparison site.

Savings as a Service

Bill Hero finds the best deal, and switches you automatically. You've already got plenty on your plate, so let Bill Hero look after your electricity bill, and you'll never pay too much again.

Every retailer & plan

There's lots of competing energy retailers offering thousands of plans. Bill Hero has got your back, and stays on top of it all for you.

Always on

Bill Hero monitors all the publicly available plans from every retailer, so you don't have to.


Invite your friends

Both you and your friend will get 2 free extra months on your subscriptions if you or they use a referral code when you subscribe. There's no limit, invite as many friends as you like!

Savings guarantee

We guarantee we'll find savings more than the subscription fee in your first switch. If not, you pay nothing at all.

You're in control

Set your own 'Bothered Threshold' so Bill Hero knows not to bother you with another switch unless your minimum savings can be found.